Don’t take our word for it….we have literally thousands of happy customers, here are just a few things they have to say about tabtoob…

The tabtoob is a fantastic design and so great for all children, especially the special needs kids we work with. My heart won’t be in my mouth each time the iPad leaves my hands now…..Teacher

Tabtoob makes the iPad easier to carry and safer to use in a wide range of situation….user

Had to post how utterly fantastic the tabtoob is, taken for many a test drive and I don’t need to panic when it hits the floor! Brill everyone should have one….parent

Amazing item autistic proof….buyer

My son with Severe Learning Difficulties loved this and it saved his iPad several time over..parent

Fab, perfect for my autistic daughter, chunky but light….parent

My 7 year old severely autistic granddaughter is able to make extensive use of the iPad 2 contained within the tabtoob, without us worrying about it being dropped…grandparent

The tabtoob has allowed my daughter to use her iPad2 independently for the first time….parent

Allows our kids to use the iPad in all situations with no worries of damage….teacher

Autism Daily Newscast
Tabtoob is a durable and sturdy cover that covers the iPad from all sides in order to protect it from accidents, falls and shocks. If you have an iPad and your children like to play with it, you must get a tabtoob today. This is an affordable product that has been designed to protect an iPad in the most intelligent way possible. Once you have your iPad inside the tabtoob cover you can stop worrying about it getting broken.

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The material of the tabtoob cover is slip-free so you can hold the iPad without a care. The tabtoob also includes a travel lid that covers the screen when you are travelling which doubles as a free stand.
Although designed for children with Special Needs, this lightweight and durable case offers fantastic protection for your iPad for people of all abilities and ages. Ideal for but not limited to educational settings, the tabtoob offers all round shock resistance to protect iPads from knocks, scratches, drops and shocks. Made from EVA foam the tabtoob is very lightweight, perfect for the iPad Air, has a rubbery texture for easy and effective grip and can be wiped clean. Also available is a simple carry strap cord with shoulder pad meaning your iPad is always accessible and still protected.
Given the cost of some impact protection cases on the market the tabtoob is a great affordable alternative for schools, day centres, homes and the great outdoors.